MSi Race Tech Institute WELCOME TO THE BEST TRAINING CENTRE TO MAKE A LIVING OUT OF YOUR PASSION AN EDUCATIONAL OFFER ORIENTED TOWARDS OUR PASSION, MOTORSPORT. State-of-the-art facilities for the training of future mechanics and engineers MOTORSPORT ENGINEERING: Motorsport master MOTORSPORT TECHNICIAN: Mechanical Education With the collaboration of the
State of the art resources, cutting edge technology and professionals with
F1, GT or Rally experience at your disposal.
· FACILITIES: Technology Park · QUALITY: ISO Certification · HIGH LEVEL OF PRACTICE · AGREEMENTS WITH LARGE COMPANIES · TOP-LEVEL MASTERCLASS · HIGHLY QUALIFIED QUALIFIED TEACHERS MSI Race Tech Institute, the best training for the best future mechanics and engineers in motorsport. Contact us at:

3-level mechanical training


At MSi Race Tech Institute we train the future mechanics who will be part of the teams in the top international motorsport Motorsport on an international level.

Motorsport máster


MSi Race Tech Institute will specialise future motorsport engineers that will fill the teams in the top international top international categories.


All our agreements with companies such as McLaren Automotive, Hypermill, OpenMind, Michelin, Philips, JHK, RACE, UFV, RFEdA, Beta, PPG, Innovalia or Hoffmann Group, among others, will make our quality of teaching grow exponentially. exponential growth in our teaching quality


Practical training is the basis for basis for the creation of experienced and quality experienced and high quality motorsport mechanics and engineers. Complementary activities on the racetrack and in the laboratories of the MSi Technology Park and in the laboratories of the MSi Technology Park add value to the training and consolidate the knowledge acquired in the classroom. the classroom.


The best facilities for your training. We have highly sensorised static and roller dynamometers, Seven Post Rig, the only vehicle Seven Post Rig, the only vehicle dynamic test bench in Spain, for the training of engineers.

Welcome to the most modern and modern and advanced training centre in Spain


At MSi Race Tech Institute, we train the future engineers and mechanics who will be part of the teams in the top international motorsport categories.

We have the best teaching material, including the Teo Martín Motorsport team’s competition vehicles and the best specialist teaching staff in the sector, all of whom have extensive experience in the world of motorsport.

We also provide students with state-of-the-art technology so that our passion, racing, can be passed on to all of them with the greatest guarantee of success.

MSI Founder

Teo Martín

The Motor & Sport Institute was conceived with the the clear idea of making available to mechanics and motorsport engineers of the Motorsport mechanics and engineers of the future in their respective disciplines and the best the best professionals in this world to instil in them all their knowledge and experience and thus make them the benchmarks in their sector.

ISO certification

Quality Management System adopted in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard in the field of the design and delivery of of the design and delivery of automotive mechanics training in automotive mechanics.


All students who specialise in the RaceTech Institute will receive lectures from from prestigious companies in the world of world as well as top-level engineers and engineers and drivers of the highest level.


All our teachers have a long experience in experience in the world of racing, motorsport mechanics and engineering. The best motorsport oriented training at MSI Race Tech.


Skill competitions, continuous technical continuous technical assessment of the student body and promotion of the best talents through our professional professional simulators.

qualification certificate

The student will receive a valued and recognised official qualification issued by the training centre MSi - RaceTech Institute with any of the training courses we offer.